• Karlyn

How to Make a Water Candle

Do you need an interesting home decor idea for an upcoming party at your house? How about one with a beachy, Summer feel to it? Here's a home decor idea that's great for that upcoming party or anything you wish to have it for.

* You MAY exchange the rocks and seashells for other creative decor that match your theme, such as flowers, glitter, etc.

  1. Add rocks and shells (or whatever you'd like in its place)

  2. Water

  3. At least 2 tbs of oil

  4. Cut a small hole (don't make it too big or the wick may not hold on properly) in a thick piece of transparent plastic

  5. Cut a large circle around the hole

  6. Place your wick in the hole

  7. Place the plastic and wick right on top of your water and oil creation. You may tap your plastic just a bit to hide it under the hole (if you like).

  8. ENJOY!

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