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Our Teak Wood Coffee Table Makeover

Remember our post about the teak wood side and coffee table find? Here are some pictures to refresh your memory:

Since we were anxious to find out how it would truly look after it was cleaned up and dressed up, we decided to spend our weekend having a "painting party." Of course it wasn't really a party since our idea of one usually involves a lot of alcohol. Here, we were so busy that we only had room for one glass 🤥.

This was the very first furniture refurbish we've done and we definitely learned a whole lot from it! Here are the steps we took:

Well, let's see ...

• Teak coffee table =$0

• Teak side table = $0

• sandpaper = $1

• Home Depot's oops paint = $9 (only 1/4 of the can was used)

Varathane 1 qt. Summer Oak Premium Fast Dry Interior Wood Stain = $8.98 (only about 3% of the can was used)

• sponge brushes = $5.98 (only 3/10 were used)

• drawer handles = $14 (8 handles)

Total cost = approximately $19.54

First and foremost, refurbishing furniture is not as easy as it seems! It was hard work and one that took all day to complete. In our case, it was at least 10 hours long, but all worth it!

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