• Karlyn

Solid Teak and Mahogany Coffee Table and Stand

We absolutely could not believe it when we found this set online! It's marvelous! It wasn't in the worst condition either! And both pieces were free! We felt like we absolutely SCORED when we found it!

Lucky for us, Jessica's boyfriend Pierre was able to pick it up. He was all alone as well. So we have no idea how he even got it in his truck. I mean, we tried transferring it from the garage to the back of the house and we definitely felt the pressure of the weight!

We already have an idea of what to do with these pieces and we absolutely cannot wait to get started!

Here's a picture of the room it's going in, just to give you a little preview. This room is where the kids like to hang out when they're playing video games.

This room is quite bare, but it's got enough space for the kids to jump around in. The only problem is that it's in the front room, right by the entrance. So when people come in, all they see is an empty space with a couch.

So ... this coffee and side table will be PERFECT for this room, don't you think?

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