• Karlyn

How to Save Money on Chalk Paint

Ok, there's no long explanation for it except to make your own! Chalk paint is fabulous but EXPENSIVE! So what if I told you that you can actually make your own chalk paint recipe?

Not everyone loves chalk paint, but it does have a few benefits:

  • a little goes a long way

  • makes painting effortless

  • natural blending is possible

  • paint jobs can be achieved quickly

There's more than one way to make chalk paint, the one we love most is made with Plaster of Paris. Plaster is meant for creating protective layers on walls, ceilings, etc. So it makes sense to include it as an ingredient.


  • 1/3 cup plaster of paris

  • 1/3 cup water

  • 1 cup paint

The Plaster of Paris is the best homemade recipe for chalk paint. The quality and consistency is very similar to most store bought versions.

Obviously you'll want your safety equipment on when using chalk paint. That means your glasses and a face mask, if you have it.

The beauty of painting with chalk paint is that there is no prepping and priming necessary. Paint goes on so easily and you don't have to worry about difficult streaks that appear to go in directions you don't care about. The drips (if any at all) are manageable and don't happen as often or as quickly as regular latex.

Chalk paint is known to peel more easily than regular latex or other paint. However, due to its ease of use and popularity, you probably wouldn't want to just give it up too easily.

How to Make Chalk Paint Last

So what is there to do? How can you make chalk paint last for as long as possible on furniture you've just spent hours painting?

Using a protective coat can make all the difference. We personally love the poly coat as it seems to be easy to apply and doesn't leave residue behind. The application is very easy and only needs some patience for drying.

Some people love using wax for its shiny, sheer performance. However, if you know your piece will be "used" quite often, you should probably go with the poly coat. It offers the best, longest lasting protection for chalk painted furniture.