• Karlyn

The Beginning of a Beautiful DIY Journey

We (Jessica and Karlyn) have been friends since the first day of our boys’ Kindergarten class. We love a lot of the same things (especially food and crafts) and get on so well.

mom's DIY journey

2020 has not been kind to us so far. We've both lost our jobs and to make matters worse ... so did our partners. How's that for a new year?

Now that we've got time on our hands, we decided to invest it on something we love most - EATING AND CREATING!

So we have started a blog to share information about our DIY journey. But before we let you in on it, we have to let you know that we are NOT actually experts. We are more like ... experimentalists.

So on this blog, you will see us doing many things for the very first time. Our trials and errors, our fails and accomplishments, and hopefully a good deal of growth.

Mama's Clubhouse is going to chronicle our food adventures and DIY projects. So we hope you follow along, give us your honest critiques, and enjoy the journey with us!

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