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How to Create Your Own Farmhouse Style Mason Jar Light Fixture

These mason jar light fixtures can really stand out in a room! But not everyone might want one simply because it can be quite pricey. What's the solution? DIY it!

There are a few areas you can start with here, but we must choose one. So we will go with the setup of the pipes, because that might be the most challenging part.

Before you put together the light fixture, you have to buy yourself some light fittings. There's one on Amazon you can purchase that comes like this:

The best thing about the light fixture is it's as easy as cutting a hole on your mason jar lid ... literally.

Go ahead and connect the parts of your light fixture once you've cut the hole on your mason jar lid like so:

Once it's all together, it should look like this (minus the light bulb):

This light fixture is slightly flushed to give your wires room behind it. When installing your light fixture onto the wall, we suggest marking your screw areas and using drywall anchors (see the following picture) so you can have a safe place to plug your screws in.

Once you've screwed the wood panel onto the wall, you can safely tuck in your wires behind the flushed area of the wood for a more appealing look.

Recommendation: Feel free to contact a professional if you're not experienced with electrical setups and connections. This part might be dangerous and out of the scope of simple DIY projects like this.

When purchasing your light bulbs, try to consider how bright you want your light to be. Besides the fact that it must be able to screw into your fixture, you must also pay attention to the watts and lumens.

Watts is the power of the bulb, while lumens is the brightness. The higher the number of lumens, the brighter the light. 2,500 to 3,000 will typically give you a yellowish light, but 6000 and higher will be about as bright as sunlight.

So you ready for that awesome light on your wall?

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