• Karlyn

Nearly Trashed to Treasured Teal

Sometimes it takes a little vision to foresee a great piece. Remember this little treasure? It was nearly thrown into the trash bin!

Jessica's love for bright colors worked so well with this piece! Of course, her slightly conservative side did tell her to keep it as simple as she could. So with her love for teal and gold, she turned this beat up old desk into something more fun and much more pleasing to the eyes.

Desk Flip Steps

The steps for this desk transformation are similar most of our furniture flips. After you do a few it gets easier and easier:

1. Remove Hardware

2. Sand the surface to reduce imperfections and remove shiny, glossy surface

3. Clean off the surface

4. Prime

5. Prep the areas for color differences

6. Paint

7. Seal

8. Paint Hardware

9. Install Hardware

What do you think?

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