• Karlyn

Antique Style Thomasville Desk

I was on my way to the Post Office when I saw a very empty looking parking lot that had one available office building with its door open. I went in and noticed it was a thrift store! Oh the immediate excitement I felt when I walked in the door and the lady at the cash register greeted me with, "we're closing next week so we've got some great deals!"

So with my calmest, yet excited looking face, I walked through the store and could not believe what I was looking at! There were furniture all over the place that were marked down for less than $10!

Sadly, Jessie and I don't have a truck of our own. We both have significant others who have trucks, but they're not always willing to pick stuff up for us. So, I could not pick up more than what could fit in my teeny tiny car.

As I went through the store, I noticed a table hidden under a bunch of junk. I moved stuff around and saw just how beautiful it was. It had a few scuffs, but it wasn't too bad at all.

So I quickly walked to the front of the store and asked the sales girl how much the desk was.

"$5.00," she said.

Trying not to squeal, I quickly said, "I'll take it!"

I wish I could have taken a picture of the desk after I'd stuck it in my car. I can honestly say, I could not believe I was able to fit it inside. I felt like a magician!