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An Addition to the Team!

We are so excited to present the new member of our team! Ms. Debbie Valentino is a mom of 9 year old twin boys and one rambunctious 8 year old! 3 boys + 1 (including her husband), making her a very important mama bear and Queen of her castle!

Debbie loves to craft. She's a truly talented, creative baker as well as a refashionista seamstress, home decor diva, and so much more! Just to give you an idea, here's a sneak peak of some of the kitchen projects she's completed:

Debbie, Jessica, and I have been friends since our boys were in Kindergarten. In fact, it's because they were all in the same class that we were able to form a great friendship and a pretty strong bond. After nearly 4 years, our friendship has truly grown and now here we are, on a great new journey together!

Debbie's World

In a couple of paragraphs, Debbie sums up her life ...

Seriously, my days are filled with superhero adventures and I get to be Wonder Woman-- tired and brain fogged and all.  I may not wear a blinged out Tiara (which I was really not into anyways--lucky me) but hey,  I get to wear the coolest super cape in the whole wide world because in my boys' eyes, I'm the coolest superhero mom in the whole universe.  And that's a pretty fantastic feeling! To be a mom of boys, is like screaming and running fondly barefoot on a fresh cut lawn, while rolling down a hill of fluffy cool green grass.  Or like dancing in the rain and jumping in muddy puddles. It's a never ending summer of play, even in the winter time and the best part of it all..... they save all their kisses and warm hugs just for their mamas. That's me!

As part of the Mama's Clubhouse team, Debbie will share a lot of her personal DIY creations, which include skin care, baked goods, gift ideas, personalized items, and so much more! So stay tuned and look out for the lovely new sector of Mama's Clubhouse!

Just a few more delightful treats created by Debbie:

Stay tuned, because Mama's Clubhouse is about to get a whole lot more interesting!

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