Who We Are

We are Jessica and Karlyn, boy moms and the greatest of friends. 

We met when our kids were in Kindergarten. Our boys are now in the 3rd grade and still our friendship continues to grow. 

Our friendship developed over our love of food. We like making them as much as eating them.  In fact, sometimes you could see us clapping like walruses over the excitement of food. Yes! Our taste buds love to speak to us in very colorful ways! 

With food creations also come our love of crafts and DIY products. So through this blog, we will share some of our best and most loved creations!


One of the most important things to learn about us is that we plan on doing many things that challenge us! We love crafts, but we're amateurs when it comes to home decor and renovations, which is why you will see a whole lot of it going on here. 

This blog shares our complete discomfort in a territory we've never been to! Here, you will find cool creations from true beginners. We'll share the good, the bad, the costs, any added tips, and whatever useful information we can so you can avoid the same mistakes we make. 

So stay tuned as we hopefully inspire you to awaken your creative side!

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